madison electric

once upon a time, in a land called ann arbor michigan, there was a band called frisby. in october 1994, frisby opened for boyracer and the ropers in kathleen's basement. a few months later, there were some line-up changes and kathleen, jj, and tim joined the band and the name was changed to madison electric (a name that tim had previously used to record some solo 4-track tunes for a split 7"). after practicing for two weeks and hastily writing some new songs, madison electric played their first show on 3 february 1995 in kathleen's basement (the basement on church street was *the* place to be seen after all!) the show was a success and more offers of shows poured in. unfortunately, when a band has seven members with very different schedules and ideas of how a band should be run, things can be a bit tricky- not to mention that ethan was leaving to go study in england for a year. madison electric was in existence from january thru may of 1995 (though their last show was actually in june), played a grand total of five shows, and wrote a whopping six songs. they did however record before their demise and the outcome can be heard on a couple of 7"s that were released on quiddity and drive-in records.


tim and jj later joined up with their friends mac and john to form a new band, macpherson. they played a couple shows with the likes of henry's dress, rocketship, the push kings, and lois but never managed to record anything.


madison electric's (very) brief discography

3 song ep featuring heavy petal,
see me when you grow up
, ...and garfunkel

[heavy petal] [see me when you grow up]
[...and garfunkel]
quiddity (quid003)
45rpm 7"

compilation featuring bands from the
US and australia: madison electric
, the shapiros, the cat's
, and the singing bush

mp3: [v-neck]

drive-in(US) / season(AUS)
45rpm 7"

pop machine: madison electric make a
posthumous appearance on this fine
compilation featuring tunes by the cat's
miaow, momus, imaginary friend, coloring book, shoestrings, belmondo, and many others. The previously unreleased song is another autumn.

listen to the whole tape in real audio!

cowly owl (FRANCE)

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