"Featuring members of Godzuki, Macpherson, Tiger100, and the Ohms, Ohio may at times sound like early Pink Floyd. But do not fear! Sometimes they sound like Sun Ra. Creating interstellar instrumentals for people who like their songs clocking in at over 10 minutes, the one-chord sonic terror of Ohio will be etched into your brain for days." - Orbit, from "Detroit Spacerok" article, Sept 1996

"Ohio 7" (Westside Audio Labs/ Peloton) A really wonderful 7". Recommended for fans of very straight ahead drumming and what I like to term as the musical version of genetic algorithms. The music continually mutates into new, textural themes throughout the record. If you're tired of hearing music that fills too much aural space, then check this out. Ohio use space in really thoughtful and neat ways. Instrumentation is organ, drums, guitar, and bass. No vocals. " - Mike Khoury, Uprising Records

"Ohio 7" on peloton records- Unfortunately this label is from Ann Arbor and on distribution faxes is billed as "space rock" but is much better than that. This 7" is much closer to the true spirit of "Krautrock" than many current bands (Jessamine comes to mind) claim to. The a- side has a nice bouncy bassline and steady drumming that allows the guitars to kind of do whatever they want. Really nice." - Aaron, Mod Lang

"Do Ohio play Space-Rock? No of course not. They play rock with spaces, although the oddly titled 'arm up! Point at venus!' track might suggest otherwise, unless that's irony... Whatever, this is persistent, minimal, electronic rock that breathes. Which is what you'd expect from an outfit that features ex-Madison Electric players, quite frankly. And on the excellently titled Peloton records too." - Alistair, Tangents

Recorded and mixed June 1996 at Superfun,MI by Warn Defever.

Features past and current members of Godzuki, Madison Electric, Tiger100, the Pterdactyls, Galen, Monster Island, the Ohms, Buddha on the Moon, and oodles more that I'm probably forgetting.

arm up! point at venus!
erika-drums , brad-guitar , wade-bass , steve-bass and noises , jj-farfisa and synth

peloton .... fantastic .... its your call