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*SEVEN-INCHES & CASSETTES ARE $3.50 PPD. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED (A few tapes cost more due to length or packaging, some cost less).

*LPs ARE $7.00 PPD. (Technically there's only one LP in the catalog right now, but you could always order two or three..)


These prices are for United States 4th class delivery. Outside of the US please add money and specify if you want your records sent by surface or air mail. The amount of money you should add kind of depends on where you live but an extra dollar per item usually works for surface mail & $1.50 or $2.00 per item for air. Just use your best judgement & we'll work it out. Please send US funds only. Cash or money-orders made out to: FRED THOMAS (not westside) No checks, please!!! Some of our titles are in short supply so please list alternate choices. If you've made something you'd like us to sell in our catalogs, please send us one & tell us a little about whatever it is/yourself. If you make music you think should be on the Westside Audio Labs label, please send us a recording of the stuff & again, tell us about it/you. If you just found this lying on the ground, don't really like music that much, but still want to say hello..that would be amazing. Please please please write & get in touch. We write back to every piece of mail we get & we are currently one of the top ten "Nicest Record Labels In The Universe" (not according to a survey or contest or anything, we just are) Send it all to:

westside audio laboratories
p.o. box 970021
ypsilanti, MI 48197 u.s.a.

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